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Odd Adventures with your Other Father

Odd Adventures With Your Other Father Supernatural road-trip adventure — like Twilight Zone with an LGBT twist Because one of her fathers died when she was very young, much of Celia’s family knowledge comes from stories her surviving father narrates—road-trip adventures from the mid-80s that explore homophobia in a supernatural context. As she considers these adventures (a rescue mission aided by ghostly hallucinations; a secluded town of strangely shaped inhabitants; […]

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The Thieves of Nottica

The Thieves of Nottica Steampunk romance like a flower blossoming in a pile of junk. In a world where humans are evil, invading aliens, Rigg is the youngest member of the Keymasters, a band of professional thieves who use their skills to defy an overbearing government known as the Hand. It is a world full of pollution, intrusive surveillance cameras, and injustice, where any who “give the finger to the […]

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Review: Glassford Girl Time Jumper Series

Glassford Girl: Boxed Set (Complete Series) (Time Jumper Series) Humanity will change forever because of one girl…   This is a four book series by author Jay J. Falconer, and a bargain when you buy the Kindle version. Instead of paying about $30.00 for the paperbacks, these are currently available at about $2.00 each. They’re well worth it, in my opinion. Emily and her mother are abducted by aliens, and […]

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Shadow’s Fall

Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1 An ex-soldier turned gunslinger, a mem-wiped assassin, an unraveling past, and layers of conspiracy.   Thieving as a reformed assassin with Raven’s partially chem-blocked past isn’t a straightforward gig, but there are only so many ways to earn eCash in the multi-tiered sprawl of New White Sands City. When a mugging leads to murder and a data core that’s hot property, […]

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Devil Tree

Devil Tree: A Haunting Novel of Historical Horror Dostoevsky meets Stephen King.   Lucas Sawyer and his wife Tamsen find themselves marooned in the heart of a mid-nineteenth century wilderness forest. They are rescued by Jonah Duvall, a mysterious woodsman abiding in this strange valley with his wife Jezebel and their son Cord. Brooding over all stands the Devil Tree – a huge evil jackpine that has summoned them to […]

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Sundown Apocalypse

Sundown Apocalypse Post-apocalyptic novel series set in the harsh deserts of central Australia. Hard hitting, fast paced action without the fluff.   It is the end of days, the Apocalypse of Revelations has begun and terrorists have effectively taken out the super powers cleansing the planet of the ‘disease of civilisation’. ​ Small bands of survivors are forced to confront the horrors of a psychopathic enemy. They fight back the […]

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The Perception of Prejudice

The Perception of Prejudice Action packed but meaningful scifi. Ace fighter pilot Anastasia Seivers is offered a secret assignment: to join a squadron taking the fight to Concorde’s true enemies. But this squadron isn’t part of the regular Concorde military, it is attached to the Legion Libertus, the independent force responsible for saving thousands of lives after the nuclear attack. After initial hope that her new commanders will be different, […]

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Review: David Weber’s Safehold Series

I found myself in San Marcos at the largest outlet mall in Texas a few years ago, and I wandered into a vacant storefront temporarily being used to sell off publisher overrun stock. Making my way to the science fiction and fantasy table, I came across a copy of Off Armageddon Reef, the first book in David Weber’s epic Safehold series. I bought it and got hooked. Although Mr. Weber […]

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