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Review: The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil This time, the fairy tale got it wrong! Modern takes on fairy tales have gained popularity in recent years, notably with ABC’s Once Upon a Time, now with six seasons you can binge stream off Amazon. (ABC is owned by Disney, so many of the characters exclusive to them show up in the series.) But The School for Good and Evil offers a different […]

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Yesterday’s Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal Sci-Fi Thriller

Yesterday’s Thief A telepathic detective untangles a time traveler’s mystery Eric Beckman is a mind-reading detective. Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the people he interviews, it usually gives him enough of an edge to overcome his inexperience as a PI. But mind reading is hell on relationships. Trusting comes hard when you know what people are really thinking. The case of his life lands in his lap […]

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Shadowmancer Mystical espionage agency vs. Lovecraftian horrors Jules was born with a gift, but until now, he’s only used it for small and selfish reasons. That will all change as he’s inducted into The Circle, a secret international organisation that takes the magickally gifted and puts them to work, fighting the forces of darkness, saving an unknowing world from malevolence that hides in the shadows. And Jules knows shadows all […]

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Moral Kiosk

Moral Kiosk What if you could travel a day into the past? On rainy Thameside Battersea in the near future, there’s a secret passageway back in time. Stored on an unassuming industrial site, any subject placed in Booth A is transported to Booth B via ‘quantum foam’. During the process, the subject also travels to an earlier point in the day, although the time frames vary. Soon enough, Simon – […]

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Wreckers Gate: An Epic Fantasy Series (Immortality and Chaos Book 1)

Wreckers Gate First in a massive 1,600 page fantasy series It’s a suicide mission with only one purpose. The king wants Wulf Rome dead. When General Wulf Rome gets his orders to chase the marauders into the fiery hell of the Gur al Krin desert, he knows the king has finally decided to eliminate his too-popular general. What he doesn’t count on is causing the apocalypse. Somehow Wulf Rome survives […]

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Frozen Hearts: The Ionia Chronicles Book One

Frozen Hearts At the end of the world, company’s hard to come by… South Pole Station, A.K.A the Butt Crack of the World, any teenager’s worst nightmare, and home to free-spirit Ionia Sonberg. To shake up her bland, boring, stuck-on-blah life, Ionia defies her uber-controlling mother and adds a companion droid, Den, to the supply requisition. The droid’s arrival takes Ionia’s relationship with her mom from toxic to Seventh Level […]

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SmartYellow™ A worryingly plausible and chilling glimpse into an alternate Britain Katrina Williams finds herself on the wrong side of social services. After becoming pregnant with only a notion of the father’s identity, she goes to live on a social housing estate. She is being bullied by a gang involved in criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. Seeking help from the authorities she is persuaded to return to the housing estate […]

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Redwood: Twelver

Redwood: Twelver Second in Jaxon Reed’s Redwood Trilogy   Along the Janus String, which connects ever more distant planets from Old Earth, exploration has stalled out on Redwood, a world filled with giant trees and animals. The State has prohibited colonization, and human activity is limited to a one square kilometer city. Marcus Savitch, a Servant of the State, suffers from hematophagia, a condition requiring him to feed on blood. […]

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Redwood: Servant of the State

Redwood: Servant of the State A young vampire fights oppression on the outer planets   Young Servant of the State Marcus Savitch lives on Redwood, a restricted outer planet in the Janus String where humans are confined to one isolated city. Extraordinarily bright, a computer hacker and spaceship pilot, Marcus holds a dark secret. Afflicted with hematophagia, a forbidden condition compelling him to feed on blood, he lives in constant […]

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