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Time’s Thief

Time’s Thief Book 7 in the Star League Assassins series.   Jorge Campo is known in the press as the Time Thief. After working on a special drive for Republican Shipworks, Jorge stole a small personal unit that allowed him to slip into a sort of hyper drive. Upon his retirement, he went on a crime spree before getting caught by AOJ Director Wilcox. But Jorge escaped capture in the […]

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Digital Death

Digital Death The Republic’s AI controls a clone on one planet. The League controls a bot on another . . .    Jade Thrall is the League’s Tetrarch but she holds a secret even she does not realize. She is a highly advanced droid, formerly known as Miriam. Few military assets are available to Jade in her effort to wrest back League planets lost during the war. But one potent […]

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Lost Quadrant

Lost Quadrant Book 5 in the Star League Assassins space opera.   SSI Agent Blackmark is resigned to his fate on a backwater planet. Then he is abruptly sent by Lead Tetrarch Jade Thrall to Euripides in an effort to take back its quadrant for the League. Assassin-class ships sneak him in, but he lands in a prison. Before he can get out, he has to deal with Remington Rennison, […]

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Epsilon Redux

Epsilon Redux Fourth in the Star League Assassins series.    League forces invade Epsilon, in a desperate attempt to snatch back the planet lost during the war. One young woman is a vestigial SSI asset, living off the books. When she’s contacted in a game, will she help her former lover’s organization? Or will they betray her at any cost? And with no ships nearby, the Republic reaches out yet […]

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