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Review: The Trouble with Time (Time Rats Book 1)

Lexi Revellian’s The Trouble with Time was selected for a publishing contract through Kindle Scout at about the same time as my book, The Empathic Detective. I’ve enjoyed knowing her on Facebook and watching her progress on Amazon. I was very happy for her when the sequel was selected for publication through Kindle Scout, too.

Obviously the book is a time thriller, which seems to be a popular genre. The Trouble with Time has so far typically maintained a high ranking on Amazon. As I’m writing this, it is ranked in the 12,000s (lower is better and rankings fluctuate hourly).

In 2045, time travel has been discovered and devices miniaturized to where they can be worn on the wrist as bracelets. A worldwide Time Police has been organized, and the technology highly regulated with severe penalties for those exploring the time stream on their own.

One problem: it is discovered that in the not too distant future all humanity is wiped out. Another problem: one of the time cops in London has decided to go rogue, and pins some crimes on a colleague. He dumps the poor chap off in the bleak future, then kidnaps one of the people responsible for the upcoming plague from the past in an effort to prevent the global catastrophe.

Our heroine is this scientist from the past, who battles the villain and seeks to rescue the framed cop.

Overall it’s a very satisfying book, and should readily appeal to science fiction and fantasy readers. The second book in the series, Dreams of the Machines, was released in November, 2016.


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