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Review: Glassford Girl Time Jumper Series

Glassford Girl: Boxed Set (Complete Series) (Time Jumper Series)

Humanity will change forever because of one girl…


This is a four book series by author Jay J. Falconer, and a bargain when you buy the Kindle version. Instead of paying about $30.00 for the paperbacks, these are currently available at about $2.00 each. They’re well worth it, in my opinion.

Emily and her mother are abducted by aliens, and Emily finds herself uncontrollably hopping through time. Unlike in The Time Traveler’s Wife, she doesn’t go backwards. Only forward.

This creates several difficulties, especially since she can’t bring anything with her when the jumps occur.

Emily is desperate. She’s stuck on the streets and becomes a homeless child drifting through time.

One man, though, has noticed how she never changes down through the years…

The Glassford Girl series is a nice combination of time travel, adventure, and young adult science fiction.


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