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Scout Selection: The Torchbearer

The Torchbearer

A troubled mind, dark spirits, and a forsaken God in one dark fantasy.


The native people of Fiji know not to go near the small, uninhabited island to their North. There’s a grim history there that they haven’t completely forgotten. Jacob Daniels is warned against it, but he and his companions don’t put weight in superstitions. All they want is a few hours of fun alone in an unspoiled paradise. But some myths should be taken seriously. A brutal act of violence will lead Jacob on a desperate flight through a landscape haunted by shadows of a deadly past. When his own mind threatens to turn on him, will he know who, or what, the real enemy is? The only answer waits in the dark heart of the island, but to find it he’ll have to confront an ancient enemy he comes to know only as The Torchbearer.

From the Author:
The Torchbearer is a unique story that combines elements of a Psychological Thriller and Dark/Mythological Fantasy. I would suggest this book for people that enjoy thought provoking reads, but it does have a pace the gets increasingly frantic once the groundwork is laid. The Torchbearer will launch on Kindle Scout on August 13th at 12:00am EST. If you’re a Scouter, I hope this book piques your interest and you take some time to read the excerpt and give it your Nomination. Amazon provides a free copy for any Nominators if the book is selected for publication. If it isn’t, they will notify Nominators when I release it, and at that point I will make it temporarily free for download to say Thank You!

About the Author:
Reading has always been a passion of mine. It gives me the ability escape in to stories and environments that I can’t experience in “real life”. My other passion is travel and I’ve been lucky enough to experience several distant locations far from where grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After years spent dreaming of being a writer, I resolved to make my dream a reality. My sincerest hope is that I can bring readers to lose themselves in my creations, and to also make it back.


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