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Review: Ghosts in Glass Houses

Ghosts in Glass Houses
You can go home again–but it might be murder.


I nominated Ghosts in Glass Houses, a debut cozy mystery by Kay Charles, in Kindle Scout. When the title was awarded a publishing contract, Amazon sent me a free copy.

This is a delightful book with a story that quickly sucked me in and kept me turning the virtual pages. Marti can see ghosts. And while we might be familiar with that concept (Odd Thomas, Sixth Sense, etc.), it’s handled very, very well.

Marti is the black sheep in a small town alpha family. Her father was the judge in the town and they lived in the biggest house. Growing up while seeing ghosts no one else could see (in particular her great grandma, who is one of the book’s best characters), holding conversations with them, playing and fighting with them … all this gained her a reputation as clinically insane and subsequent trips to various institutions. Eventually she left and cut ties. The story opens with her flipping burgers to get by, and drinking away her troubles. Then her father’s ghost shows up insisting he was murdered and that she needs to do something about it.

Returning home she has to sober up and deal with her mother who is not acting quite like herself, her younger sister who has always been the more responsible one in the family, and her precious nephew and niece who she meets for the first time (along with an irritating and annoying brother-in-law).

More murders occur, and slowly Marti begins using her connections with the spirit world to find out what’s really happening. When her old boyfriend shows up, the possibility of a second chance romance blossoms.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.



Ghosts in Glass Houses


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