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Scout Selection: VayneLine – Fate Reset

VayneLine – Fate Reset

Wanted Criminal. Destined Hero.


Gauge’s destiny finds himself among genetically engineered humans, a Utopian Earth and ‘friendly’ alien overlords; yet none of it sits right with his rebellious tendencies. Surrounded on all sides by a disturbing perfection, he vows to escape Earth and see the stars. Hunted by his own race, his small group is caught in the backdrop of an outbreak of interstellar war. Blending fast-paced action, shifting narrators, and spiritual undertones, this is the first book in a huge sci-fi epic.

From the Author:
This book is the start of a large multi-series sci-fi book. It takes place in the ‘VayneLine’ universe which I have released other books to help flesh out everything from the politics, the characters and the technology of the world.

About the Author:
Eric is a modern day renaissance man in a world demanding crushing specialization. He has done everything from lumberjacking high in the mountains, flying helicopters and working as a scientist for the government to leading rescue operations for a fire department where he ranked Captain. He has been working on the VayneLine series for over ten years with the goal of a Science fiction series that is at both easily approachable, and possess a very deep mythos that serious fans can enjoy.


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