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Amish Romance Bundle: Living Hope

Amish Romance Bundle: Living Hope

An Amish romance goldmine.


Nine Amish Romances, sweet, clean & inspirational! GET ALL NINE Romances in ONE Volume!!

Meet Some of the Characters:
Isaac Wagner gapes at his dying wife. Is she serious? Is she really trying to force him to make such a promise? How can she possibly expect him to marry Greta Glick after she dies? How could anyone replace Betty as his wife? How could anyone replace her as the mother of their son? Isaac can’t even begin to think such thoughts. All he wants is for his wife to live.

Mellie Fisher is weary of pining over her sister’s former beau. How long must she wait for his affection? Despairing, she agrees to be courted by Obadiah Westman. But things don’t go as planned, and she quickly regrets her decision. Her mother’s catastrophic fall, a disaster at her Sweet Shop, and her sister-in-law’s accident all conspire to derail Mellie’s happiness and plans for the future. How can it ever be good again? And will she ever gain Caleb’s love?

During rumspringa, Marian Yoder befriends an Englisch girl—never dreaming it will lead her to the Internet and a blog of her own. Nor could she imagine her blog would catch the eye of the handsome Englisch guy, Roger Young. Marian finds herself getting sucked further and further into their exciting world. But her mother’s bizarre and frightening behavior brings turmoil and danger. When Amish Thomas Groft turns his eye toward Marian, she’s caught in the middle. Can she reject her newly found freedom and dear new friends? Or is fear for her mother and the interest of Thomas enough to pull her back to the fold?

Meet these and Many More Warm, Loving Characters! Meet them all in this sweet, clean, and inspirational box set!

From readper:
We found this excellent brand new box set of Amish romances by Brenda Maxfield that just came out a few days ago. Check out the entire bundle for one low price!

Amish Romance Bundle: Living Hope


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