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Scout Selection: Chinawoman’s Chance

Chinawoman’s Chance

First California woman lawyer solves crimes.


Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq. is the first woman admitted to the State Bar of California, and it is 1884. This is the first murder case in which she both defends her client in court and then must trap the real killer, after she loses the case in a male-dominated and racist kangaroo trial. The prologue flashes forward to when her client, George Kwong, is arrested for the murder of an Irish prostitute in Chinatown. The first three chapters then trace the day of the murder, and introduce two detectives of the San Francisco Police Department, Captain Isaiah Lees and Detective Eduard “Dutch” Vandenheiden, who discover the body. Suspects are questioned by Lees and his partner, and Clara gets kidnapped by Tong gang members and taken to Chinatown to be hired as their attorney by the Six Companies and its leader, Andrew Kwong. The Chinatown Squad is a racist group from the Sheriff’s Department, and it arrests George Kwong for the murder of Mary McCarthy. The rest of the book is a “cat-and-mouse” game between Clara and her translator/assistant, former Chinatown Brothel Madame, Ah Toy and the unknown murderer of eight prostitutes in Chinatown.

From the Author:
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