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Scout Selection: Worse than Wicked

Worse than Wicked

A forbidden secret sparks a perilous journey.


Banned from visiting the Merfolk, sixteen-year-old Sofi schemes to stow away the next time her parents sail. When her actions reveal a hidden truth, the plan backfires, imprisoning her mother in the mermaid queen’s lair.

The price of freedom? Journey deep into the forest and bring back an ancient magic stolen from the sea.

But that fearsome power is wielded by a cold-blooded enchantress, and she’s determined to send Sofi home as crushed and broken as every challenger who came before.

From the Author:
This book is based on a dream in which Demi Moore and I battled for a magical power. Who do you think won?

About the Author:
I’ve reported for local and national media, taught inner-city children, and helped maintain parks. I enjoy writing, reading, movies, the serenity of my garden, and time with family and friends. My daily brain food is The New York Times crossword puzzle, and the best days are when I finish without looking up any answers. My books are young adult fantasies based on myths and legend. For more details, check out my website at

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