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Scout Selection: The Children of Lehom

The Children of Lehom

A hidden paradise reveals its sinister truth.


Over 50 years ago, the world felt the ravages of a plague, one that stole countless lives. As people died, one small group escaped to the safety of an island, establishing a country ruled by three villages with three very different ideals. Those ideals eventually weave around a young woman’s life, trapping her and a companion in political intrigue and secrets, plots that send them fleeing in a miniature Viking boat to find their way to the Old World, where they believe sickness must still live.

About the Author:
Anya Pavelle lives in the southern US with her husband and their dog. She loves the natural world, but often finds her mind wandering among the ruins of past civilizations. A trained medievalist, she teaches art history part time and also works as a writing specialist at a local college. When she isn’t writing, Anya enjoys scuba diving, watching movies, reading, cooking and spending time with her family. The Children of Lehom is her debut novel, but she has plans for more in the future.



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