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Vengeance Lost

Vengeance Lost: Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 1

She tried to be a hero … will she die a traitor?


Star Captain Dani Devereaux dreamt of following in her father’s footsteps… but she had no idea where they’d lead her.

Hard work and dedication earned her a respected position in the Galactic Conglomerate.

Then things went sideways.

Dani and her crew get caught up in a battle nobody can win. She has only seconds to make the most momentous decision of her career.

But is it the right choice?

Now Dani doubts her instincts as the repercussions ripple out of control and the Galactic Conglomerate hunts for a place to pin the blame.

If you love action-packed space adventures then join Dani and her crew, because the real battle is just beginning.

Heads will roll in this first installment of the Ardent Redux Saga – an episodic rapid release space opera serial.


Vengeance Lost: Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 1


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