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Hayden’s Dilemma

Hayden’s Dilemma

Hayden confronts his past while attempting to save his captain.


Hayden has a problem. Kal, his captain, and on-and-off again lover is stuck on a desert planet, and he has to destroy a shuttlecraft just to get to the surface. To make matters worse, there’s a Teristaque fleet gunning for their ship and a not so friendly creature on the planet. What should have been a simple exchange of coinchip for their latest heist turns out to be a hot mess.

From the Author:
The first story in the series is free on Amazon.

About the Author:
Aaron Frale writes Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy usually with a comedic twist. Time Burrito is the audience favorite. He also hosts the podcast Aaron’s Horror Show and screams and plays guitar for the prog/metal band Spiral. He lives with his wife, his son, and two cats in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Join Aaron’s Mailing list and a free book:


Hayden’s Dilemma



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