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Fall into Murder Cozy Mysteries Box Set Collection

Fall into Murder Cozy Mysteries Box Set Collection 

Bonus recipes included!


Grab this brand new 6 Book Cozy Mystery Collection featuring the women sleuths from Hope Callaghan’s most popular series. Enjoy hours of entertainment with over 1,000 pages of clean cozy mysteries. Each book has a fall or murder theme

“If you like clean cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Hope Callaghan’s Books!”

Book 1- Stranger Among Us
With a killer on the loose in the small town of Belhaven, the Garden Girls fight to clear Gloria and Paul after they become suspects in a murder investigation.

Book 2 – Setup in Savannah
When Mercedes is setup for a murder she didn’t commit, she and her family must track down the real killer before their mafia past is exposed.

Book 3- Fatal Flirtation
There’s a storm brewing on the horizon for the passengers and crew aboard the “Siren of the Seas” and it’s about to turn deadly for one of them.

Book 4- The Family Affair
The Garlucci family is thrown into turmoil when Vinnie reveals a big surprise and someone close to Carlita is accused of murder.

Book 5-Look Into My Ice
When a local resident is found dead and half-submerged in his ice shanty, the Garden Girls try to jar Eleanor’s memory after she tells them she witnessed something the night before the body was discovered, but for the life of her can’t remember what it is.

Book 6- Divine Intervention
After relocating to the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, strange and mysterious things begin to happen to businesswoman, Jo Pepperdine and those around her.

Plus Bonus Short Story “Bag of Bones”


Fall into Murder Cozy Mysteries Box Set Collection 



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