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Rika’s Marauders

Rika’s Marauders: The Complete Series

The Genevians are at war with Nietzschea …and they’re losing.


In a last-ditch hope, the Genevian mech program was founded. Its goal to augment humans into cyborg fighting machines; mechanized warriors sent to hold the front lines against an enemy that was storming a hundred worlds.

Yet few wished to undergo the brutal process, and so criminals were used, their minds enslaved by control chips and obedience enforced through Discipline.

The Genevians spent their mechs against the Nietzscheans with little care, eventually struggling to find enough bodies to convert into fighting machines. Quotas were set in the courts, prosecutors and judges paid off to ensure that even the most benign offenses would see the perpetrator end up in a mech factory, rights and mind stripped as much as body.

Rika is one such victim.

Forged into a second generation scout mech, she is sent to the front lines where she serves with distinction, crushing countless enemies beneath her clawed feet.

But, despite giving everything she had, Genevia still loses the war, and Rika is abandoned.
Now she slings cargo on Dekar, little more than a human loading machine, struggling to keep ahead of the slow breakdown of her mechanized body.

Until someone makes her an offer she cannot refuse. An offer that will see her rejoin the fight—whether she wants to or not. Rika will have to summon a strength she never knew she had to bring about the victory that she once thought was lost.


Rika’s Marauders: The Complete Series


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