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Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Snow

A collection of riveting haunted house mysteries.


The Haunting of Sebring Hotel

Terrible secrets linger within walls of the infamous Club Blue.

Few check in to the timelessly classic Club Blue and even fewer check out. Anna Hall arrives in Sebring, Maine with her two teenage boys and a bold dream. Investing her late husband’s life insurance policy into the classy yet nearly forgotten motel, Club Blue, the ambitious single mother hits the much-needed reset button on her troubled life. However, when peculiar guests arrive and strange sounds leak through the oddly thick walls, Anna quickly finds her lifelong dream plummeting into a short-lived nightmare.

The Haunting of Meade Mansion

Emily thought she was leaving her money troubles behind when she inherited an old house from her great aunt who went missing the previous year.

When she and her husband Jesse arrive at the house, they discover Aunt Matilda was murdered–and the culprit is still at large. Guided by the ghosts of Matilda and the orphans she raised, Emily and Jesse must catch the criminal and save themselves before it’s too late.


Secrets in the Snow


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