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Forsaken Mercenary Box Set

Forsaken Mercenary Box Set

He’s the deadliest man in the galaxy… If only he could remember. 


Earth is all but a wasteland.

The moon is host to the scrappiest remnants of humanity.

Terrifying hints of his past resurface to haunt him, to tempt him or possibly to warn him.

Now, Daniel must choose: remain hidden or embrace what he was created to be.

Because shadow corporations and a corrupt government are vying for what’s left of Earth’s resources – at any cost. And the cushy, elite population on Mars may be about to find out they aren’t the only beings in their neck of the system.

Grab your blasters and get ready for a wild ride. Download to jump into the Forsaken Mercenary universe now.

Over 1,200 pages of addictive action and intrigue!


Forsaken Mercenary Box Set


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