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Scions of the Black Lotus

Scions of the Black Lotus

For an imperial assassin, assignment as a courtesan feels like a waste of her talents… until killers target her clan sisters.


As the Black Lotus Clan’s most formidable operative, half-elf Jie hoped the emperor would send her on critical missions to safeguard the realm.

Instead, she’s ordered to infiltrate the legendary Floating World, where elite courtesans wage wars with wit, vanquish the staunchest warriors with threads of silk, and coax out secrets with gentle whispers.

It’s a set of skills she lacks. An utter waste of her talents…

…until conspirators try to murder her clan sisters.

Now, with seeds of insurrection finding fertile ground in the Floating World, uncovering ringleaders could mean sacrificing her friends.

Jie must decide who lives and dies.

Because when faced with a nascent rebellion, your choices could save an empire.

Or topple it.


Scions of the Black Lotus


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