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Shifter Origins II

Shifter Origins II

Four wolf shifters. Four swashbuckling adventures. Four journeys of fantasy and romance. 


Wolf’s Bane: Mai Fairchild will do anything to protect her sister—even if it means accepting a dangerous job with a werewolf who would kill her if he knew her true form….

Wolf Dreams: Olivia has hidden her darker side ever since biting through the lip of her first date. Fourteen years later, her dream of being an archaeologist is unlocked…but her darker side wants out.

Moon Stalked: Honor wraps herself in her pelt to shift to wolf form. But when her cousin’s pelt is stolen, she must team up with her greatest enemy to get it back.

Paradigm Shift: While scouting his new territory, a fifteen-year-old alpha discovers strange scents wafting up out of a hole in the ground. Are there vampires lurking beneath his turf? An exclusive Wolfie short story.

Dive into four tales of bestselling urban fantasy in this series-starter variety pack!

From readper:
We featured the first Shifter Origins box set back in 2018. It’s still available.


Shifter Origins II


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