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Star Wolf Superbox

Star Wolf Superbox

1,400 pages of space battles, alien wars, and interstellar politics.


Flying at the helm of a powerful battle cruiser, former pirate Catarina Vargus leads a collection of colonists, miners, engineers, and navy personnel to establish an outpost far beyond the frontier. The Royal Navy needs a forward operating base in their war against the alien race known as Apex, who has vowed to exterminate all sentient life in the quarter.

Catarina’s expedition soon draws the attention of Scandian marauders, driven from their home worlds by plague and war in search of plunder. Enraged by the intrusion into their territory and greedy to seize her fleet and supplies, they mount a fleet of star wolves to destroy her base before it can get a toehold.

From readper:
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Star Wolf Superbox

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