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The Guest in the Shed

The Guest in the Shed

The One with Blue Eyes, Episode 1.


Spirits of the dead lurk on the streets, leeching off those still alive.

Yumiko can see them, but she has spent her life struggling to ignore them. Eye contact with the ghosts is unwise.

But when a friend’s shed is being haunted by a violent spirit, Yumiko decides it’s time to set her fears aside and help him. As the dark aura of the ghost grows larger and the noise inside the shed escalates, Yumiko realizes the spirit is more powerful than she first imagined.

Before the ghost gets out of control, Yumiko contacts a paranormal investigator. But the spirit refuses to cross over and something is keeping it tied inside the shed.

Will they be able to solve the mystery before it’s too late?


The Guest in the Shed

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