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Review: The Euclidian: Alien Hitman

The Euclidian: Alien Hitman

A skilled alien killer tracks outlaws to Chicago, then takes on the mob


This is a prequel to a highly rated first contact series by Jay Cannon. It draws you in quick with interstellar action, and doesn’t let go until the last page. The book opens on a Euclidian mining ship. Its multi-year mission: to exploit distant planets and return minerals to the home system. The Euclidian typically conquer the inferior races inhabiting these worlds. On occasion, they turn the locals into trading partners, but so far remain the dominant species throughout the galaxy. Next stop: Earth. But first, they pick up a load of prisoners, and here things go off the rails a bit. Some of the detainees escape. An “Ossie” from the Ossurary system, who is particularly skilled in fighting, tracks them to Earth where the action continues. If you enjoy first contact novels, be sure and check this one out, then take a look at the rest of the series!



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