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My Familiar Stranger

My Familiar Stranger

Winner of the Best Paranormal Romance Series four years in a row.


I accidentally ended up in this dimension.
I had nothing.
I knew no one.

I barely survived the journey, but landed in the best possible place; an ancient society of vampire hunters with the medical means to put me back together. I can’t go home, but I can use the extra-abilities I gained from slipping dimensions to work for Black Swan and try to keep my friends alive.

When it comes to love, I have options. The knight who saved my life is strength and honor personified. The sexy elf who thinks I’m his mate. And an incredibly attractive six-hundred-year-old vampire.

My name is Elora Laiken. This is my story.

From readper:
This excellent series starter has over 1,000 reviews, and camps out regularly in the top 5,000 books on Amazon. The Knights of Black Swan is a 12 book PNR series, and Victoria Danann is a prolific author with a ton of books regularly released for her fans. Try this first in series at 99 cents and see if you agree with all her 5 star reviewers.


My Familiar Stranger


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