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Elton’s Case

Elton’s Case

When nothing’s straightforward about a personal injury case, maverick New York attorney Tug Wyler is the ever-ingenious, hard-charging fellow to turn to.


Wrongfully locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, the wheelchair-bound Elton Cribbs immediate situation soon goes from bad to tragic. Could it have happened that, while in custody and being transported with less than suitable care in a police van he suffered the injuries which rendered him a paraplegic? Certainly, ever since then—for the past decade—he’s led the life of an aggrieved victim, seeking justice while rejecting pity. Retained now to litigate Elton’s claim even as the clock’s ticking, Tug finds himself caught in the unlikeliest of conflicts. After all, what’s he supposed to think when the defendant, otherwise known as the City of New York, begins offering him millions to settle while at the same time maintaining its allegation that Elton’s case is a phony one? Stumped but fascinated, and struggling to untangle fact from fiction—not to mention the good guys from the bad—Tug once again shows himself as a stubbornly crusading hero unlike any other.

About the Author:
Andy Siegel is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in New York City. A graduate of Tulane University and Brooklyn Law, he grew up on Long Island and now lives in Westchester County. In 2008, he was elected to the board of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. The first book in the Tug Wyler series, Suzy’s Case, was selected as a Poisoned Pen Bookstore Best Debut Novel, a Suspense Magazine Best Book, and was named one of’s Best Beach Reads.


Elton’s Case


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