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Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxed Set

Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxset

A land under magical siege. An elite band of warriors flying to its defense. To save their kingdom, a quiet blacksmith must fulfill her destiny.


Eva’s job as a blacksmith’s apprentice helps her ignore her ever-present daydreams. But when she inadvertently picks up a stolen gryphon egg, her solitary life changes in a heartbeat. She has no choice but to answer a call to join the Windsworn—an elite band of gryphon riders fighting for her kingdom’s survival.

As Eva attempts to earn her place among the warriors, she uncovers an age-old plot that could tear the gryphon riders apart. To protect her new friends, she must embark on an epic journey across the continents, each day growing closer to her true destiny. Her survival may depend on trusting old foes and making terrible sacrifices along the way.

Can Eva find her true self and overcome impossible odds before the Windsworn’s kingdom collapses into a savage apocalypse?

The Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxed Set contains three breathtaking novels in the Gryphon Riders YA fantasy series. If you like airborne battles, vast magical lands, and the rise of an unlikely hero, then you’ll love Derek Alan Siddoway’s captivating trilogy.

From readper:
This is brand new this summer, and we were excited to find this three book boxset. It was ranked No. 1 on Amazon for Teen and Young Adult Medieval Fiction the first week it debuted. Click over and check it out!


Gryphon Riders Trilogy Boxset


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