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Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One

Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One

What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrong…so very, very, wrong.


A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired. He needs to find someone to take over.

He finds Bethany Anne.

Unknown, untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future. One that no one knew was in danger.

And she does it with an attitude that will make you stand up and cheer!

They say a dress can make a woman, but in this case, the dress is Death, and Death Becomes Her very well indeed.

This digital box set contains the first seven books, the complete first arc of the best-selling Kurtherian Gambit series from Michael Anderle.

From readper:
This is a great bargain for the Kurtherian Gambit series. There are presently 21 books in the series, typically running about $4 each. Now you can download the first seven in the series for one low price! Check out our review of the first book here.


 Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One


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