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The Truth About Prince Charming

The Truth About Prince Charming

Matchmaking, gossip, and a serial killer. What could go wrong?


CALLIE BLOOM just found out that the Prince Charming Killer is on his way to town. Callie knows her Matchmaking Agency T.A.F.T. is in the unique position to help put him behind bars.

It’s when Callie mentions this to Jack, her hot-as-jalapeño-Detective-boyfriend, that he asks her to help with the case. After agreeing, Callie starts to wonder if she can juggle finding a serial killer with the rest of her busy life. She’s already struggling to maintain her sanity while she deals with a conniving client at The Truth About Fairy Tales Matchmaking Agency. Not to mention now she’ll have to work to keep her nosy grandmother away from the case and out of harm’s way.

Why does catching a cold-hearted serial killer sound like the easiest task on her to-do list?


The Truth About Prince Charming


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