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Star Scavenger: The Complete Series Books 1-5

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Star Scavenger: The Complete Series Books 1-5

Firefly meets Indiana Jones in this epic sci-fi action-adventure with a unique alien-invasion twist.


Hudson Powell had always been a drifter, but after his father died, he vowed to turn his life around. He quit freelancing as a starship pilot and joined the Relic Guardian Force as a 38-year-old rookie.

That was a big mistake.

The RGF police the alien wrecks that have been found on every portal world discovered in the last century. They make sure the relic hunters pay taxes on the priceless alien tech they scavenge from the hulks. The snag is that the RGF is corrupt. And Hudson’s training officer Logan Griff is the worst scumbag of the lot.

Pushed over the edge, Hudson stumbles upon the exhilarating world of the relic hunters and meets the equally intoxicating and deadly mercenary Tory Bellona.

Cast out from the RGF, Hudson Powell chooses a new path. But the discovery of a unique alien crystal will set events in motion that cannot be undone. People stopped asking where the alien hulks had come from. People stopped asking who created the portals, and why.

Hudson will discover that some alien relics are best left buried. One decision can change the course of an entire civilization. One discovery can change your life.

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We featured book one in this series, Guardian Outcast in July, 2020.


Star Scavenger: The Complete Series Books 1-5

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