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Cozy Mystery Mega 30-Book Set

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Cozy Mystery Mega 30-Book Set

30 clean mysteries, 1700+ pages of goodness. 


This exciting set feature 30 cozy mysteries written by Meredith Potts including:

  • Chocolate, Clues, and Catastrophe
  • Pretzels, Problems, and Peril
  • Cake, Coincidences, and Casualties
  • Truffles, Tirades, and Trouble
  • Shortcake, Surprises, and Secrets
  • Cookies, Curiosity, and Craziness
  • Donuts, Death, and Dread
  • Tarts, Tears, and Tragedy
  • Honey Cake, Heartbreak, and Hazards
  • Cupcakes, Conundrums, and Calamity
  • Caramels, Custody, and Cruelty
  • Brownies, Bistros, and Betrayal
  • Dessert, Destiny, and Death
  • Treats, Threats, and Tawdry Truths
  • Narrow Escape in Majestic Cove (A Mini Mystery)
  • Christmas Cookies, Cravings, and a Curious Case
  • Christmas Chocolate, Caution, and Crazy Consequences
  • Christmas Desserts and Devious Deeds
  • Fishing for a Murderer
  • Drowning In Deceit
  • Murder of a Yoga Instructor
  • A Not So Merry Christmas Murder
  • Killer Injustice
  • Murder of a Restaurant Critic
  • Murder of a Movie Producer
  • The Killer Holiday Office Party
  • Murder Hits Close To Home
  • Hurricanes Can Be Murder
  • Murder is a Deadly Brew
  • College Can Be Murder
  • A Deadly Frontier of Murder
  • Deadpan Murder
  • Killer Amnesia
  • Murder in Happy Creek


Cozy Mystery Mega 30-Book Set


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