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Her Bighearted Billionaire

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Her Bighearted Billionaire

A geek with a heart of gold. A woman with a chip on her shoulder. A chance meeting in paradise 


Jimmy surveys the tropical version of a conference center and moves toward the stage when he spots something that doesn’t belong.

The most beautiful woman he’s ever seen is lurking in the corner, reading a Jane Austen retelling.

Of course he goes to talk to her. The gamers can wait five minutes.

The agreement with her brother is after the third nerd hits on her she gets to go back to the beach.

The first is handsome enough and can almost carry on a normal conversation. He invites her to the team-building exercise the next morning. She lets him down easy.

Then the guy is on all the screens in the room welcoming everyone to his conference.

Wait, did she just have a conversation with a billionaire?

After a dare turns into a date, Jimmy hopes Caroline can see past his gaming, and Caroline wonders how many layers Jimmy has.

When tragedy strikes Caroline’s brother, and she believes Jimmy’s games are the cause, will they fall back to old prejudices, or more forward?


Her Bighearted Billionaire


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