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A Ghost Hunter P.I. Mystery

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A Ghost Hunter P.I. Mystery

She sees dead people. Now all she has to do is help them move on. One mystery at a time… 


When ghost hunter Meredith Good is forced to move back to her small hometown, Silver Bells Cove, Ohio, little does she know that her life will become more exciting than ever. Not only will she have to deal with regular hauntings, now she will have to help murder victims as well. And in order to help the poor souls move on, she will have to bring their killers to justice. With the help of her best friend Rebecca, who just happens to be a ghost herself, Meredith will stop at nothing to get to the truth. Things will get complicated when she runs into an ex, who just happens to be a cop now. Then there’s the sexy PI that just arrived into town. But it’s not all bad. She’ll have a chance to reconnect with her grandmother, and the delicious pastries she’s so famous for. But the ghosts won’t let her rest for long. Each new mystery will bring hidden dangers and Meredith is sure to get herself into all kinds of trouble. But she’s determined to help the dead, at any cost. All she has to do is make sure she doesn’t become a ghost herself in the process…

This collection contains the complete Ghost Hunter P.I. mystery series. All five books are collected in this volume for the first time. This collection contains the following books:

Ghostly Apparitions
Ghostly Illusions
Ghostly Wedding
Ghostly Town
Ghostly Endings

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We featured Aubrey Harper’s boxset, A Book & Candle Mystery Complete Series in March, 2020.


A Ghost Hunter P.I. Mystery


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