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Blackstar Command: The Complete Series

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Blackstar Command: The Complete Series

1000+ pages of aliens, war, and explosive military space opera action! 


They tried to destroy our planets. Our way of life. They tried to send us into extinction. But we, the Coalition, fought them and won. That was a decade ago. We had assumed they were beaten for good.

We were wrong.

They’re known as the Host: a cabal of aliens seeking to dominate our sector of space. And they’re back—with help from a powerful new enemy.

Against their wrath, we must stand. We’re outnumbered and unprepared. If we lose, we lose everything.

But there is hope. An ancient race of long-dead but technologically advanced aliens called the Navigators have a ship called the Blackstar that could potentially turn the tide. That is if I, Kai Locke, a humble ship racer, can find it and learn how to harness its power in time.

If I fail, the Coalition will fall, and the Host will consign us to a distant memory. I refuse to let that happen. I will fight to my last breath for the Coalition’s survival.

Buy this special edition omnibus to experience this complete Military Space Opera series from Amazon Bestseller A.C. Hadfield, including Book 3 being published for the very first time! Perfect or fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Blackstar Command: The Complete Series


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