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Review: Mother of Learning: ARC 1

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Mother of Learning: ARC 1

Zorian Kazinski has all the time in the world to get stronger, and he plans on taking full advantage of it. 


Mother of Learning is a famous web serial, not only for its longevity but also for the fact it is very well written. Many of the free web serials on sites like Royal Road suffer from passive voice, info dumps and other marks of new writers. Domagoj Kurmaic offers none of the above. His writing is excellent and the story is, too.

In this fantasy world, a young wizard goes to school. Already you’re thinking Harry Potter. But, there are enough differences to set aside comparisons. Zorian is in his third year, and is already somewhat accomplished. Through a quirk of fate he finds himself in a time loop. We have seen time loops before, in movies like Groundhog Day and Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow. We’ve even seen it as a plot device in Disney’s Dr. Strange movie. However, Kurmaic offers a very unique spin on the time loop motif. Zorian is stuck in one that goes about a month before his school and the city it’s in are attacked. This offers ample opportunity to explore and feature new people, places and events each time he goes through.

Mother of Learning is well worth the read, and destined to continue garnering fans. Unlike many others making the transition from Royal Road to the Kindle platform, Kurmaic has elected to release his book wide instead of exclusive in Kindle Unlimited. Thus, you can find it on Apple Books and elsewhere. You can even continue to read the unedited version for free on Royal Road. Nonetheless, the book is an Amazon best seller as thousands of fans (like me) have scrambled to download the Kindle version.

This excellent fantasy novel is highly, highly recommended.


Mother of Learning: ARC 1


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