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Star League Assassins Books 1-3

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Star League Assassins Books 1-3

The League turns to its most trusted weapons…


The League lies in shambles, a shell of its former self.

Controlled by the alleged daughter of the last Tetrarch, in fact a rogue droid controls all. Determined to rebuild her “father’s” legacy, the droid puts into motion the last cold war options against the Planetary Republic: Assassins.

This third series set in veteran science fiction author Jaxon Reed’s Milky Way Universe is a fast-paced, action-packed space opera, with space marines and intergalactic intrigue, fist fights and rolling gun battles, high tech skullduggery and crafty solutions to interstellar conflicts. Now is your chance to grab the first three books in this exceptional series!

Books in this box set include: Digital Death, Last Cohort and Assignment Diego.


Star League Assassins Books 1-3


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