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The Chronicles of Daniel Welsh: Vols. I – III

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The Chronicles of Daniel Welsh: Vols. I – III

Daniel Welsh. The boy who became a hero. The renegade who became a saviour. 


He is destined to become legendary, but every legend must begin somewhere, and this is his beginning. These are his chronicles.

Daniel, born an albino with a photographic memory, could never fit in. But when he discovers that he is the son born of a human-faerie union, a whole new world is opened to him. A fantastical world of magic users and warriors, and he has the potential to become one of the most powerful Mages, if he doesn’t die. Magic is real and so is the threat it brings.

When Daniel hears about a prophetic dream which reveals that he’ll destroy everything that he loves, he contemplates turning away from magic, and returns to Earth to spend time with his family. But after being tormented by his old school bullies, what’s left of his confidence is destroyed. And when The Shade, vampiric shadow creatures, appear on Earth en masse, he may not survive to fulfil the frightening vision.

Finally arriving at Hartfield Mage Academy, Daniel’s life is no less stressful, with the prestigious school’s cutthroat culture putting him under intense pressure. Egged on by his classmates to chase a magical drug-like high, with stress and panic pushing him to pursue the euphoric release, the powerful youth’s lack of control could plunge the world around him into chaos.


The Chronicles of Daniel Welsh: Vols. I – III


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