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Fate Valley and Fate Rock Shifters Complete Collection

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Fate Valley and Fate Rock Shifters Complete Collection

A huge collection of shifter romances.


Fate Valley Mysteries

Hero Bear: Sunshine Blackthorn and firefighter Harrison Cole must discover who set fire to a chapel in the middle of a wedding.

Holiday Bear: Knitting artisan Layla Watson and real estate investor Liam Nash are caught up in a Christmastime murder investigation.

Celebration Bear: Schoolteacher Cici Anderson and pyrotechnician Thorian Reed have a firecracker courtship while investigating a New Year’s Eve explosion.

Candy Bear: Journalist Samantha Cooper and confectioner Benjamin Darling uncover secrets from Fate Valley’s past.

Baker Bear: Lawyer Donika Devon and baker Grayson Baxter unravel a dangerous plot.

Justice Squad

Rookie Bear: Max and Stephany find love while stranded on a deserted island.

Fly Bear: Dire Devil Rider and top chief Darcy Lane discover that love and beauty are more than skin deep.

Bodyguard Bear: Bodybuilder Titus Sawyer and pop star Arabella Fernandez learn to reveal their deepest secrets in order to claim their love.

C.O. Bear: Colonel Hawk Barlow and mafia princess Elena must learn to trust in the face of a looming global threat.

Brainy Bear: Sampson Reed and Megan Moore must join forces to protect and avenge the ones they love.

Builder Bear: Real estate investor Jamison Stone and romance author Ruby Wilson learn to love while rehabbing a farmhouse.

Sly Bear: Zander Shaw and amnesiac Emma take down a killer while finding their happily ever after.

Wild Brothers Ranch

Elder Wolf: Middle aged rancher Austin Wilde and Cheyenne Bailey discover that love is ageless and that even death can’t keep them from their second chance.

Survival Wolf: Survivalist Shane Wilde and survivor Montana must over come their fears to come home again.

Pack Wolf: Hard working rancher Heath Wilde and fish out of water Rose Winter come together to save a goat farm and each other.

Twin Wolves: Fox shifter River Radcliffe and wolf twins Cal and Cash Wilde navigate the rocky waters of a three way relationship.

Rebel Wolf: Lion shifter and fashion designer Cassidy McCoy and rebel wolf Gunner Wilde must solve a hundred year old family feud in order to find their happily ever after.

Lone Wolf: Loner Annie Wilson and Dylan Wilde must learn to let each other in so that they can claim their love and the secret baby they share.



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