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not bored

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not bored

A carton of ice cream and an infomercial changed my life …


Drive, focus, and a solid plan for my future never left time for any of the fun things in school. Not that it mattered, guys never looked at the tall chubby nerdy girl.

And they still don’t, now that I’m a thirty-something professional woman. Not that I give them a chance working six days a week and spending most of the seventh doing laundry or watching movies with my best friend. How did the perfect life become boring?

When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown with me, endless opportunities appear.

None of them make my heart flutter until I see him. Kent, a luxury hotel manager, is everything I could ever dream of in a man. Kind, thoughtful, a brilliant businessman, and game to join into any zany adventure I come up with. Not to mention he’s taller than me when I wear heels.

A guy like that would never like a girl like me …


not bored


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