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Save Her

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Save Her

Abandoned on a remote mountain road, the storm closing in isn’t the only deadly threat she will face. 


A New Year’s Eve party is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends and make resolutions none of you will keep. Still, Audrey Drummond sees it as a good way to pass the time now that she’s back in Sweet Home, Oregon. She hitches a ride with her high school ex, but their ride down memory lane takes a perilous turn, and Audrey finds herself abandoned, cold and alone on a mountain road—miles away from the party.

From that moment on, her situation only gets worse.

When Audrey vanishes in a winter storm, Officer Lacey James knows that left to the elements, she won’t survive long. But when the initial search yields no viable clues, the missing persons case takes a darker turn.

Time is running out, and the killer storm isn’t the only immediate threat Lacey will face in the desperate quest to save her.


Save Her


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