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Twists and Turns in Love’s Path

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Twists and Turns in Love’s Path

Six best-selling historical western novels. 


The Scars of a Pure Heart
Macie Sheldon tries to escape the memories of her family’s death from smallpox, but she still bears the scars on her face every day. Her wish to find peace feels finally granted when she answers Blake Bradifield’s mail-order bride ad. However, this seemingly simple plan will turn out to hide great surprises. They embark on an adventure after discovering a note from Blake’s long-deceased grandfather which leads to a hidden treasure. Both Macie and Blake have suffered painful losses that have scarred their hearts and souls. Can a treasure hunt bring them together more than anything else?

Daring to Start Again
Desperate to flee the life she faces with her criminal father, Sarah Donner answers a mail-order bride ad. Upon her arrival, a new challenge arises, since Bobby, her future husband, has a little daughter. As if that weren’t enough, she lives in constant terror of being found by her father. As Sarah’s past threatens everything to fall apart, will she be forgiven for keeping a secret that could hurt the ones she truly loves?

A Heavy Duty to Carry Out
Willing to please her parents, Amy Carr moves to Montana to marry a total stranger. Just a week before she meets her future husband, she comes across the wealthy rancher Thomas, and her life turns upside down. A tender love grows between Amy and Thomas, but they feel trapped between what their families want and what their hearts wish. Are they willing to sacrifice their happiness for their loved ones?

When Hearts Know No Boundaries
Pearl Langston has been her father’s right hand since her mother tragically passed away. Their ranch life would be so much simpler if it weren’t for the constant disputes with their neighbors, the Dillons. When she sees fifty cattle break through the fence and wander across their land, Pearl senses their feud is about to explode. What she couldn’t predict, though is the special connection she instantly feels with Tom Dillon. Could they stay together against everyone’s will and overcome the barriers that keep them apart? Can two rivals find their soulmates in each other?

Her Port in the Storm
Dedicated to her beloved mother and her passion to teach, Loren McCarthy lives a modest but meaningful life. Her world turns upside down, though, when her mother starts receiving ominous letters one after the other. Refusing to be intimidated, Loren defies the threats and seeks the help of the local sheriff, Edison Haynes. What she doesn’t expect, is falling madly in love with him, while they hunt down the anonymous coward that is harassing her mother. Can she unravel the mystery and find her other half, despite all odds?

United Under the Western Sky
For the nineteen-year-old Annie Cummings, marriage is out of the question until she realizes that her parents have other plans for her. Angry and heartbroken, she rides the train across the country to meet the man she found through a matchmaker. To her astonishment, Annie isn’t welcomed by the kind farmer she’d been expecting, but by a rather brooding and rough former bounty hunter, Josiah. Although put off by his rude ways at first, Annie soon struggles to fill the void in his heart and become a loving mother to his adopted daughter. But is she truly ready to let go of the life she knew for a love she never thought she would find?

If you love Western romances that feature strong women and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you are going to love this collection!


Twists and Turns in Love’s Path


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