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Hometown Sweethearts: Books 1-3

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Hometown Sweethearts: Books 1-3

What if you could have a second chance with the one that got away?


Kissed by a Cowboy: 

Maddox is so busy keeping his younger brother on the straight-and-narrow that he’s blindsided when his young niece—his ward—begins to act out. Know who does notice? Haley. The girl he thought he’d end up with. The one who was right there when his life disintegrated. They might share a decade-old heartbreak, but Haley moved on to better things a long time ago and he’s still going nowhere fast…

Love Letters from Cowboy:

When the love of his life is injured in combat overseas, Ryan Michaels promises himself that he won’t let another day go by without declaring his feelings. Except… Ashley’s always seen him as a goofy high school kid. Even ten years after graduation, she seems content to keep him in the Friend Zone. How can he prove he’s not the same punk he used to be if she won’t give him a chance?

Ashley Reynolds ran away from home to the military after discovering she was adopted. Now she’s home, a wounded veteran, with her Military Working Dog at her side and she no longer fits into the small-town life. Her dad’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse and she needs to be able to take over the family business–but that means interacting with Ryan on a daily basis.

As Ashley tries to build a new life for herself, she discovers there’s much more to Ryan than the college dropout she thought he was… Will she open her heart and let Ryan in?

Mistletoe Cowboy:

Justin Michaels is not your typical college student. For one, he’s twenty-seven and the other students seem like little kids to his jaded eyes. But after suffering a career-ending injury, the former bull rider has to do something to get his life on track.

Valri North is only a few credits away from completing her pre-med degree. Her life is consumed by helping care for her big family and trying to keep her grades up. The last thing she needs is a distraction… and the cowboy seated next to her in class is a major one. There’s something vulnerable behind the cool exterior he shows the world…

One flat tire, a snowstorm and a disastrous in-class presentation later, and Justin admits he’s fallen for the girl. But a loser like him is sure to hold her back… isn’t he?


Hometown Sweethearts: Books 1-3


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