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Secrets of Siren’s Cove – Complete Box Set

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Secrets of Siren’s Cove – Complete Box Set

Her life needed a new start and the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas seemed like the perfect destination. 


Rebecca was all alone and still trying to get over the tragic death of her late husband. Other than her daughter and their home restoration business, Rebecca didn’t have anything tying her to San Francisco.

When her Aunt Bee calls from the Bahamas with an offer to help run the family diving business, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

Harbour Island has been the home of Aunt Bee’s diving business and aging mansion at Siren’s Cove for decades. When Rebecca arrives, she expects to start a new life enjoying the laidback lifestyle that the Bahamas are known for.

Instead, she falls into an island life full of adventure, romance, and family secrets that will make her question everything that she has ever known about her upbringing.


Secrets of Siren’s Cove – Complete Box Set


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