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Mission: Improper

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Mission: Improper

A deliciously dark vampire romance with a unique steampunk infusion.  


He promised her vengeance. She threatened to steal his heart instead….

Caleb Byrnes works best alone. The cold and brooding blue blood is the best tracker the Guild of Nighthawks has, and he rules the craving within him with an iron hand. Nobody escapes him. Nobody gets the better of him. And nobody has ever come close to unleashing the hunger within him.

Until now….

Ingrid Miller is the one who got away.

The one woman who makes him burn, and threatens all his hard-won control.

The passionate and fiery verwulfen bounty hunter once worked a case with him—and left him tied to his bed. Naked.

When they’re partnered together on a new case, Byrnes finally sees his chance to have his revenge. He will have her in his bed and he will ruin her with his kiss, and vengeance will be so, so sweet.

There’s just one little problem….

Vampires once ruled London—but after a bloodthirsty revolution left the human queen on the throne, the city has been negotiating a new peace. Rumors of a plot against the queen beckon, and Byrnes and Ingrid must go undercover among the blue blood elite in order to discover the truth.

And when their hunt uncovers a dangerous conspiracy, Byrnes must unleash the darkness within him if he’s to have any chance of protecting the woman his vampiric half wants to claim….


Mission: Improper


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