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A Rhapsody of Western Encounters

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A Rhapsody of Western Encounters

Lost in an abyss of uncertainty, only Love has the power to lighten their way!


Book 1: A Love Beyond Betrayal

With his heart overtaken by grief, widowed Carl knows his son needs a mother. Threading between moments of courage and cowardice, Carl puts up an ad for a bride and marries Ethelyn, knowing nothing about her shattered, betrayed soul. Neither believed love would bless them. Yet, the shards of their hearts shall be the foundations of their future…

Book 2: A Love Beyond the Fields of Memory

Sally yearns for a love strong enough to shake her world to its foundations, yet with her father bedridden, her hopes slowly drift away. When she gets kidnapped she believes the end has come, yet unbeknownst to her, her savior is nearby. Cash saves and nurses her back to health, but can the heart make love bloom when memory is failing?

Book 3: A Love Louder than Words

Leona always yearned for a place to belong. Years after a tragedy forced her away from home, she returns to the same paths as a Mail Order Bride, seeking a peaceful future. A twist of Fate brings her close to Nathan, her childhood friend, who never stopped loving her, yet their second chance at love does not come without its hardships…


A Rhapsody of Western Encounters


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