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Broken Tide: The Complete Series

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Broken Tide: The Complete Series

An unimaginable disaster. A country torn apart. A man who will stop at nothing to get home to his family.


When a massive landslide in the Canary Islands sets off a mega-tsunami, the east coast of North America is square in its path.

On a fishing trip off the coast of Maine, Reese Lavelle barely manages to make it to high ground when the wave hits. His only thought? Getting home to his wife and daughter in South Carolina.

Cami and Amber Lavelle barely escape the wave in Charleston, they retreat inland, watching the city as it’s wiped out by the wave in one fell swoop.

As those who survived slowly sink into madness and the country succumbs to chaos, Cami’s goal is simple: survive at any cost.


Broken Tide: The Complete Series


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