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Mayan Shadows: The Crystals of Ahrum

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Mayan Shadows: The Crystals of Ahrum

Adventure, romance, and more than a little excitement.


Maxwell Barnes is an archeologist and the son of an archeologist. He and his companion, friend, and brother since youth, Axel Morales, have been treasure hunting for their benefactor Myron Crabtree, in the jungles of Guatemala.

This area, not coincidentally, is also rumored to be the location of the last great city of the Maya, the legendary Ahrum. When Max meets a man who appears to be a young Mayan skateboard punk, his entire world is turned upside down as he hears the true story of the city’s demise, and of the Crystal of Ahrum, lost then but supposedly capable of restoring the ancient Mayan empire.

Along the way he also meets Isabel García, a Spanish beauty who is far more than meets the eye, and a man named Estrada – who could be the evilest person on the planet.


Mayan Shadows: The Crystals of Ahrum


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