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Fateful Trails in the West

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Fateful Trails in the West

Six best-selling Western romances.


Stories full of powerful emotions, trust and betrayal, intrigue, family values and romance that will captivate you!

A Challenging Journey to Love
After her parents’ sudden death, Samantha Jones has no choice but to travel to her brother’s ranch… a dangerous journey that she has underestimated in every way. When an outlaw gang attacks her train she is forced to follow a mysterious man to the open road, her guardian angel who will guide her down the perilous country roads. Before long, they can’t imagine being apart from each other. How will Samantha react when she finds out Jasper’s true identity? How will this perilous ride test their emotions and their trust?

An Enduring Love to Heal Her
When Emilia’s father is taken to a mental asylum, everyone turns their backs on her. On top of it all, she has always suffered from an illness and her health is deteriorating. Unable to bear seeing Emilia sick anymore, her mother decides to send her out west, hoping that the warm weather will help her regain her health. In an unexpected turn of events, her path leads her closer to Derek, a rancher so deeply wounded by his past that he no longer believes in true love. Will they manage to overcome unforeseen obstacles coming their way and build a common future?

Loving a Courageous Soul
Maggie Barker’s world turns upside down the day her father is taken to prison, accused of theft. In order to take care of her young brother and herself, she settles for an arranged marriage, hoping to find someone kind enough to help her. There’s no place for love in her plans, but everything changes completely when she meets Everett. Her feelings of safety around him quickly grow into something deeper until he reveals a shocking truth… Will the secrets and lies they uncover threaten their new and fragile bond or will love prevail?

Returning For Her Happy Ending
It’s been ten years since Kalani was captured by an Indian tribe, and something inside her calls her back to her original roots. Upon her arrival, she bumps into her young love, Michael, who hires her as a cook without having the slightest suspicion about who she really is. Although fate brings them together again, secrets from the past return to haunt and bind them in ways they could never imagine. Will Kelani find the strength to reveal the truth about her origins to Michael? And will they be able to get past their differences and reignite the fire of their lost love?

Love Written In The Stars
Never having dreamt of getting married before, Melanie’s world falls apart when her father forces her to find a husband to help with the financial burden hanging over their farm. On the way to meet her husband-to-be though, her life changes forever when she meets Alexander, a man who will save her life when their train is robbed. Fate may have meant for them to find each other, but her plan to help her family starts to fall to pieces. When well-kept secrets surface, could Alexander be the salvation Melanie was looking for all along? Or will the conflict between them be too much to overcome?

The Precious Secret of Her Heart
When Willia answers a mail-order bride ad, for the first time in years she feels hopeful. Her husband-to-be, Clinton, is a dream come true and her life seems to finally be on a straight path to happiness. However, everything falls to pieces when long-buried secrets come to the surface and their chance at love is up in the air. Will they be able to trust each other, even when things seem to be crumbling around them? Can they heal their wounded hearts despite their dark pasts?

If you love Western romances that feature strong women of the era and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you’ll love this collection! Grab your own copy now!


Fateful Trails in the West


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