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Risen: The Complete Series

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Risen: The Complete Series

Bright things burn in this world. And I’m the brightest.


From birth, I’ve existed for one purpose – to sacrifice my life to the fire within to keep my world safe. But when the man I love banishes me to ordinary Earth, strips me of my magic, and throws me away, I refuse to give up.

I find a way to come back to our broken school and half-destroyed world. And I fight. Because that is all I, Arwyn Bright, was born for. And nothing, not even love can get in my way.

Risen follows a witch hell-bent on revenge and the man who banished her as they navigate a dangerous magical academy. If you love your urban fantasies with nonstop action, high stakes, and a touch of romance, pick up Risen: The Complete Series today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.


Risen: The Complete Series


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