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Firstborn: The Complete Series

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Firstborn: The Complete Series

Humans are prey. Holding off the hunters will require falling in with the enemy.


The invaders didn’t come in spaceships. They stepped through a glowing portal and brought death and magic to humankind…

Fifty years later, the surviving humans are little more than prey. Prey that huddles in their ruined cities, dependent on the mercy of unseen benefactors.

But the price for that mercy—for survival—is surrendering every firstborn to a fate unknown. And today is Nova’s turn.

Once a firstborn steps through the portal, all anyone is sure of is that they’re never seen again. But Nova is determined not to fail in her duty—either the one assigned to her at birth, or the one she assigned herself. Because in the deepest, darkest chamber of her heart, she’s sworn to do whatever is necessary to survive, observe, and play the game until she can show these supposed benefactors the same brand of mercy they’ve offered her people.

Yet what she discovers on the other side is unlike any of the hundreds of scenarios she’s had seventeen years to conjure up. And by the time the pieces begin to make sense, she realizes the truth is far darker than anyone back home comprehends.

And worse, that the ruthless enemies she’s grown up hating might just be the key to saving what remains of her world.


Firstborn: The Complete Series


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