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Fantastic Stories Presents: Fantasy Super Pack #1

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Fantastic Stories Presents: Fantasy Super Pack #1


The editors at present thirty-two wonderful tales of fantasy in this completely revised second edition text. More than seven hundred and fifty pages for your reading pleasure. Escape today!

‘Immortal’ by Shariann Lewitt;
‘The Thing in the Attic’ by James Blish;
‘To Serve A Prince’ by B.W. Clough;
‘Red Nails’ by Robert E. Howard;
‘Your Name Is Eve’ by Michael M. Jones;
‘The Knights of Arthur’ by Frederik Pohl;
‘Go Through’ by Alma Alexander;
‘Piper in the Woods’ by Philip K. Dick;
‘Maeve’ by Lillian Csernica;
‘A Knyght Ther Was’ by Robert F. Young;
‘Edenbridge’ by Paul Kincaid;
‘The Moon Is Green’ by Fritz Leiber;
‘Where Angels Fall’ by Jean-Louis Trudel;
‘The Worlds of If’ by Stanley G. Weinbaum;
‘The Street That Wasn’t There’ by Simak and Jacobi;
‘Double Exposure’ by Lou Antonelli;
‘Rastignac The Devil’ by Philip José Farmer;
‘Pest Control’ by Chuck Rothman;
‘Anomaly’ by David Niall Wilson;
‘The World That Couldn’t Be’ by Clifford D. Simak;
‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ by Edward J. McFadden III;
‘Man Overboard!’ by F. Marion Crawford;
‘Wisteria’ by Ada Milenkovic Brown;
‘A Traveler in Time’ by August Derleth;
‘Lawnmower Moe’ by William R. Eakin;
‘Way Station’ by Mary Elizabeth Counselman;
‘The Ghost of Mohammed Din’ by Clark Ashton Smith;
‘No Strings Attached’ by Lester del Rey;
‘Second Sight’ by Alan E. Nourse;
‘Of Time And Texas’ by William F. Nolan;
‘The Rats in the Walls’ by H. P. Lovecraft;
and ‘Gainful Employment’ by Jamie Wild.

Fantastic Stories Presents: Fantasy Super Pack #1


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