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Review: The Shroud

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The Shroud

A Novel of Espionage, History and Magic.


George Bachman’s The Shroud is a fascinating blend of history and magic, adroitly mixing fact with fiction. A historical fantasy centered on the Shroud of Turin, Bachman telegraphs his métier right away when the first thief to whom readers are introduced casts a minor light spell to better see the lock he is picking.

This world introduces magic to medieval espionage and other black ops. Game of Thrones fans should feel right at home. So too, those of Eco’s The Name of the Rose. As for plot, the Shroud of Turin needs to be stolen before other factions can get to it. This is the main font of action, from which all sorts of delightful events spring.

Well written with excellent word choices, vivid portraits of scenery, settings and street life in the Middle Ages along with a seamless blend of the mystic and mundane that mixes fictional characters with historic wrappings, The Shroud is sure to please.

Newly released, The Shroud is available free for a limited time. Highly recommended.

We reviewed Bachman’s previous book, Spellcaster, back in 2017.


The Shroud


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